Top 30+ Best Blonde jokes of the day

Blonde jokes of the day JOKES!are to amuse you. Blondes are considered less intelligent, so the funny jokes about them keep spreading from time to time. The blonde jokes are especially about the Blonde girls that keep several amusing people by its dumbness. The jokes are on the assumed funny behavior of blondes. Anybody, even blondes, can enjoy these jokes by replacing the word blonde if want. Take every joke as fun and enjoy it by touches of laughter. So the list of blonde jokes can be found here that is full of FUN.So the best jokes are given here.

Best blonde jokes of the day

Best blonde jokes of the day

Best blonde jokes of the day

A Blondes’s husband gives her a new cell phone.

 On the next day, she goes to Wal—mart and her phone rings, so she answers it. 

 It was her husband. He says. “How’s the new 

 cell phone?’ 

 She replied. “that’s Great… but how did you know I 

 was at Wal-mort?” 

A blonde keep 

a picture of herself in her 


So, she can use it as a mirror. 

There’s a blond & a brunette in the car. The brunette is driving, while blonde is in the commuter seat. They’re going under a steep hill when the brunette apprehends that the brakes don’t work. 

The brunette tells the blonde that the brakes don’t work, 

 and they will drive off the side of the cliff because they deserted to stop. The blonde then answers,

 “Don’t worry! There’s a stop sign ahead.”

One day a blonde moved to

 seafood on restaurant & examined the tank 

 where they had the lobsters, 

 She took mercy on these beings 

 and hid them in her purse, 

 Later she went to the woodlands to set the poor animals free.

A group of blondes was ready to show that not all blondes were dumb. They built a judges panel of people to ask the questions. 

 On the day of the judging,

 the people began off by asking, 

What is 59 + 2? 

 The first blonde competitor responded by saying, 57? 

 The remainder of the blondes spoke, Give 

 her another chance, give her 

 another chance!

These are best blonde jokes that make your day.cute blonde jokes are hilarious and entertain you. You can get the best and funniest jokes about the dumb blondes here that are very mocking and make everyone laugh.

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Did you know about the

 blonde couple that was 

 spotted frozen to death in 

 their car at a drive-in 

 movie theater?

 They went to watch “Closed for the 


A blonde & a brunette are watching a TV 

 Act. The brunette bets the blonde $10 that the man in the episode would jump off a bridge. 

The man jumps off the bridge 

and blonde pays the brunette $10.

 The brunette feels guilty because she had already seen the episode.

 So she admits to the blonde. 

The blonde replies. “I’ve seen it too,

 but I didn’t think he would jump 


One day a blonde went into the library &

 questioned the librarian, 

 “Can I have a burger & fries?”

the librarian responded,” this is the library.”

 Then blonde whispered, 

 “Oh, Can I have a burger & fries?”

A blonde woman visits her husband in prison. Before

leaving, she says a correction officer, “you shouldn’t make my husband work like that.

He is tired.”

The officer laughs, saying, “Are you joking?

He eats & sleeps and stays in his cell all day!”

The blonde says, “Rubbish! he just told me he’s been digging a tunnel for months!”

What’s the difference 

 between a blonde &

 Windows 95?

 The blonde 

 operates on more 


Blonde guy jokes and many other jokes about the dumb blondes are very funny and make everyone laugh.the blonde jokes are searched most and liked by the people. Blonde joke meme hilarious and FUN MAKING!

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Hot blondes jokes

Hot blondes jokes

A beautiful blonde was having a bad day at the tables in Las Vegas.

Down to the last  $100 and completely exasperated,

she  cried, “What in the world should I do now?” 

 The man sitting next to her suggested, 

 “Why don’t you play your age?” So she put 

 all here money on 29, and when 36 hit,

she  all her money on  Fainted.

Every blonde’s 

 Is ambition?

 To be like Vanna White

 & learn the alphabet.

A tourist had missed his way on a back

road & stopped at the farmhouse to inquire if he could stay there for a night.

“Well, we’re extremely crowded since

there’s already someone in the extra

room” answered the farmer. “But I assume

you can stay if you don’t mind sharing

the bed with a tall blonde.”

The tourist pulled out his chest & 

responded, “That’s fine by me & in case

you’re worried, I want you to know I’m a


“Well,” pondered the farmer, “as far as I

can tell, so is the tall blonde.”

 A blonde woman is driving below the road. She sees that she’s low on gas, so she stands at a gas station. While she’s pumping her gas, she sees that she locked the keys in the car. So when she goes inside to pay, she asks the attendant for a hanger so that she can attempt to open the door herself. She returns outside and begins to jimmy the lock. Ten minutes later, the attendant comes out to see how the blonde is doing. Outside the car, the blonde is moving the hanger around and around While the blonde inside the car is saying… “A little  more to the left… a little more to the right.”

Want to drown a  blonde!

 Place a scratch-n-sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool.

Any jokes about your likings and loved ones can be explored and get here. All the long, short hilarious, and dumb blonde jokes are available here. Surely, you will amuse your self by the hilarious blonde jokes. So get all the types of jokes and ENJOY!

Long blonde jokes clean

Long blonde jokes clean

Long blonde jokes clean

A blonde & brunette are living. 

 Together. The brunette became home from job one day, & the blonde had a rope around her waist. The brunette inquired why she had a 

 rope tied around her waist. 

 The blonde answered that she was trying to commit suicide. 

 The brunette You’re 

 supposed to put the 

 around your n The 

 blonde replied I tried 

 That but I couldn’t breathe!

A blonde was driving home & got caught in a nasty hailstorm.

Her car was covered with dents, so the next day

she took it to Kev the Panel Beater,

Kev saw that she was blonde and decided to

I have some fun. He told her to go home and blow

into the tailpipe really hard and all the dents

would pop out.

The blonde went home, got down on her hands

and knees and started blowing into the tailpipe.

Nothing happened. She blew a little harder, and

still, nothing happened. Her roommate, also a

blonde, came home and said, “What are you doing?

The blonde told her how Kev, the panel beater,

had instructed her to blow into the tailpipe to get all the dents to pop out. Her blonde

roommate replied her eyes and said,

“Hell–O-O-O! You need to wind up the

windows first!!.

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For more FUN and AMUSEMENT! Blonde jokes of every category are provided here. blonde joke drink and blonde and redhead jokes are funny, and enetrtaining.the jokes are based only on assumed dumb behavior of blonde and especially about the dumb blonde girls that entertain you. Funny blonde jokes are wanted and explored most by a lot of people.they can turn you amused from exhausted mood by the laughter as it is a corner of FUN! Especially for you. Enjoy yourself with funny and hilarious blonde jokes that make your day.

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