Top 30 Dumb Blonde Jokes That Will Make You LOL

Funniest and hilarious joke about Dumb Blonde Jokes. Especially reflecting the dumbness and stupidity and fun of the blondes.they are assumed silly and entertaining, So jokes are made on them to amuse people and for mockery. Jokes keep spreading, focusing on any body’s less intelligent behavior and source of Fun and enjoyment. Blonde jokes are categorized as Best dumb blonde jokes with a short, one-liner and long text.blonde jokes are most explored and wanted by people. So the topmost, best dumb blonde jokes full of funny content are given below.

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Topmost Dumb Blondes

Topmost Dumb Blondes

Topmost Dumb Blondes

The difference between lib-media and a blonde!

The blond quit showing how

dumb she is when people quit


Know that girl you just called a

dumb blonde?

That’s Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy.

M&M shells all

over the floor tell!

Blonde’s been baking

chocolate chip cookies

What stands then goes

then stands then goes? 

Blonde at a blinking red


A blonde was playing the Trivial

A pursuit on a night. Now It was her

service. She twirled the dice, and

she landed on Science &

Nature. Her inquisition was, “If

you are in a vacuum, and

someone summons your name, can

you hear it?” She pondered for

a time and then inquired, “Is it

on or off?”

Blondes only hang out in an odd number

because they can not even…..

A cop lady stops a blonde for speeding and asks

her if she could see her license.

Blonde replies in a buff, “I wish you people would get your

act together. Just a day before you take away my license

and then today you expect me to show it to you!”

A blonde was driving

in her car & turns

On the radio. It says

that 2 Brazilian men

Were killed. she 

starts crying &

says, “How many is

a Brazilian?”

Police Officer: “How high are


 Blonde: “No officer, it’s

“Hi. How are you?”

Three blondes are trying to change a light bulb. One of them

decides to call 911:

Blonde: We need help. We’re three blondes changing a light bulb.

Operator: Hmmmmm. Do you install a new bulb?

Blonde: Yes.

Operator: The power in the house in on?

Blonde: Of course.

Operator: the switch is on?

Blonde: Yup,

Operator:  And the bulb won’t light up?

Blonde: No, it’s going excellent.

Operator: Then what’s the predicament?

Blonde: We got dizzy twirling the ladder around, and we all fell and harm us.

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Hilarious Dumb blonde Jokes Ever-Short 

Hilarious Dumb blonde Jokes Ever-Short 

Hilarious Dumb blonde Jokes Ever-Short

There are 17 blondes standing

outside a bar, but why can’t they

get in?

The sign says “Must be 18 to


What did the blond think of the new computer?

He didn’t like it because he couldn’t get MTV.

What do you summon blonde brain cells?

On loan.

What do you perceive when you look into a blond’s eyes?

The back of his head.

A Blonde wife: “It’s our wedding anniversary in a week, darling. How do you think we should celebrate?”

Husband: “With a minute of silence.”

BLONDE: “Excuse me, sir, what time is it?”

MAN: “It’s 12;30.”

BLONDE: (bewildered look) “You know, it’s the eeriest thing, I have been

 asking that question all day, and every time I receive a varied answer.”

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Dumb blonde jokes Qs and As

Dumb blonde jokes Qs and As

Dumb blonde jokes Qs and As

Q: Why did the blonde sell her car?

A: She needed gas money.

Q: Why the blonde’s smile
when there is lightning?
A: Because they think they are
getting their pictures taken…..

Q: What did a blonde & a

beer bottle have in


A: they both are empty from the

neck up.

Q: How did the blonde

die while clearing


A: She fell out

of the tree.

Q: Why did the blonde put a

coat hanger in her back seat?

A: in-state she locks the keys

in her car.

Questions and answers about the blonde jokes depict their dumbness and make everyone laugh.

Long Dumb blonde jokes 

Long Dumb blonde jokes 

Long Dumb blonde jokes

The blondes wash their hair in the sink!
Because that’s where you are supposed to wash vegetables.

Blonde: “There’s trouble with the car. It

has water in the carburetor.”


“Water in the carburetor? That’s ridiculous.”

 Blonde: I will tell you car has water in 

the carburetor.”

Husband: “You don’t even know what a carburetor is.

I will check it out. Where’s the car?”

Blonde: “In the pool.”

Last year a blonde substituted all the windows in _

my house with those precious, double-pane, 

energy-efficient kind. 

One day, she received a call from Home Depot who

fitted them. He complained that the

work had been completed a year ago

and I still hadn’t paid for them. She said

HHHHelloooo………. merely because I’m

blonde it doesn’t mean that! am a &

Automatically stupid. So, I told him

just his fast-talking sales guy told me

last year… that these windows would

pay for themselves in a year.

Hello? It’s been a year, so they

paid for, I told him. There was only

censorship at the other end of the line, so I

finally hung up. He never called back

I bet he felt like an idiot…

A blonde named Anna had a

near-death encounter. On the

other day when she went

horseback riding. Everything

was going definite until the

horse began bucking out

of control. She tried with all…

A man was  with a blonde woman

when they detected a key in the frontal door.

Terrified, the blonde stared at the man 

and said, “it’s my husband, Quick, jump

out the window.” The man responded,

“Are you crazy, we’re on the 13th floor.”

The blonde blurted, “What? This is no

time to be superstitious!”

Faint of eternal blonde jokes, a

blonde dyes her hair brown

she then goes for a ride in the country

sees a shepherd herding his sheep

across the road.

Hey, shepherd! if I guess how many 

sheep are here, can I keep one?”

The shepherd is mystified but agrees.

She blurts out, “352!”

he is astonished but keeps his words

and allows her to pick a sheep.

“I’ll take this one,” she said boldly

“It’s the cutest!”

“Hey lady,” says the shepherd, “If I

guess your original hair color, can I have

my dog back?”

Long Dumb blonde jokes transform you joyed from the exhausting situation and fill you with happiness & refreshment with FUN & MOCKERY.

One-liner dumb blonde jokes clean

One-liner dumb blonde jokes clean

One-liner dumb blonde jokes clean

Want to kill a blonde!

Merely Put spikes in her shoulder pads…..

A blonde takes a shower for hours….. because

of instruction on a shampoo bottle, “Lather, rinse, and repeat!”

A blonde keeps an empty carton of milk in the fridge…

In case he wanted black coffee.

 blondes can’t eat pickles…

Because they don’t get their head in the jar.

A Blonde can be saved from dying blond by

Hair transplants.

The blondes drive BMWs only Because they can spell it.

Do blondes read Shakespeare?

“No, who wrote it?”

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