Top 30+ Best Funniest blonde jokes clean

Funniest blonde jokes clean Fun is very crucial for life and fills colors in your daily routine. So jokes can turn you joyed and happy from the sad mood. Blonde jokes are hilarious and make everybody laugh and enjoy the can search the best and new jokes about the blondes and must share them with your friends so they can also enjoy the funny and humorous jokes.there are some @ blonde joke to end all blonde jokes that are really fantastic and amusing. From the exhausting routine of life reading, the blonde jokes make you amuse and delighted.all your choice related Funniest blonde jokes clean and other jokes are shared here to make you people happy. For more FUN and ENJOYMENT the best mocking blonde jokes are given below.

Top Funny Blonde jokes

Top Funny Blonde jokes

Top Funny Blonde jokes

One day a blond went to the doctor’s office because she had a pain in her eye when she drank coffee. Then the doctor asked, “Did you try taking the spoon out?”

 A blonde goes to 

 the dry clean shop to 

 have her sweater 

 Cleaned. She asks the 

 clerk, “How much?” 

 The clerk doesn’t hear her 

 & says, “Come 

 again?” She chuckles & says, “No…it’s 

 just mustard this time.’

What’re the five miles long & has an IQ of forty?

A blonde parade!

A blonde bought some goldfish, but she did not know how to feed them.

She called her brunette friend for help. 

 Once they were done feeding them, the 

 Blonde said, “Now, what do I give 

 them to drink?

There was a conference meeting with a brunet leading a blonde a redhead and a bunch of other people listening. The brunet would clap her hands every once and a while for silence. Then she stood on the pedal stool and said every time I clap my hands, a child dies of gun control. There was silence for a long time. The blonde broke the silence. She stood up feeling quite proud she said, then stop clapping your hands dumbass!!!

Blonde jokes are full of humor and amusing you can enjoy the funny blonde jokes. Search the best blonde jokes and amuse yourself. Blonde jokes are mocking and full of fun and humor. You can enjoy the top funny and hilarious jokes about the blondes.

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New Blonde girl jokes

New Blonde girl jokes

New Blonde girl jokes

One day a blonde and her husband were watching t.v.

The blonde sat there for a while and finally said you know without electricity we would be sitting here watching t.v. In the dark!

 Her husband laughed so hard and was feeling totally shut up!

A blonde was on an airplane sitting beside a 

 lawyer. He bugged her to play the intelligence game. He said that if she answered incorrectly, 

 she would have to pay $5, and if he responded to her questions incorrectly, he would pay her $ 50. 

 Thinking he wouldn’t lose. so she finally said 

 ‘yes’ to play. 

 so he asked her, “How far away is the closest 

 star to Earth?” Without answering, the blonde gave him a 5 dollar bill. 

 Then she asked him a question, “What goes up a 

 hill with three legs and comes down with four?” 

 Looking up this question on the computer and even calling on his cell phone, he could not find the answer. So finally frustrated, he handed her $ 50. He then asked her, “What was 

 the answer to that question?” The blonde then without words slipped him $ 5.

He said, ‘You are stressed out.’ Go home and recuperate for a couple of days.’

If you’re married to a blonde, don’t ever buy a house with a circle drive.

She won’t ever find her way out.

The blonde then unbuckles her seatbelt and slides over to the Examiner, Whispers in his ear, “Now what?”

The cop looks in the back seat. There are two kids in the back shaking and white as ghosts.

Cop: Mam, Why are they shaking?

The blonde laughs. We were just on highway 119.

A brunette & a blonde were walking along in a park in the morning.

Suddenly, the brunette notices a dead bird, and she says sadly. “Awww, look at the dead bird,” 

The blonde stop for a while and looks up into the sky & says, “Where? Where?”

 You can find stupid jokes to tell your friends here and much more. Explore your loved blonde jokes and enjoy them, releasing the exhaustion by reading the funny jokes. It will make you feel light and delighted. So keep stay connected with us for new and top funny jokes.

Silly dumb jokes

Silly dumb jokes

Silly dumb jokes

A blonde goes into a gas station and asks the front employee if she can have a hanger our something because she locked herself out of her car. The man faces a hanger, and she went outside. A few minutes later, the employee went outside to check on the blonde’s progress. When he approved the car, he saw another inside blonde coaching. She said, “No, a little more to the left.”

Never give a blonde these items:

Cone Horse Glue Glitter Butterflies

She will make a unicorn and feed it butterflies and glitter. Then she will go to the other end with her mouth wide open and wait for the candy to come out.

What do you call a zit on the butt of a blonde?

A brain tumor!

A police officer pulls over the car with a young blonde driving it…

Cop: Miss, this is a 65 MPH highway, why are you going so slowly?

Blonde: I saw signs saying 22, not 65.

Cop: That’s the high way your on.

Blonde: Oh! Silly me, I will make sure to be more careful thanks for telling me.

 A Blonde with a brand new PC is Called?

A dumb terminal.

All funny and hilarious joke is available here that you can explore and read. For more fun, many blonde related jokes are shared that will amuse you, and you can enjoy the funny jokes. Dumb blonde jokes can be found here for Funniest blonde jokes clean.

Stupidest Blonde jokes ever

Stupidest Blonde jokes ever

Stupidest Blonde jokes ever

A blonde said, “I was anxious that my mechanic might attempt to rip me off. I was relieved when she told me all I needed was turn signal fluid.”

How do people’s words hurt blondes? 

Because the people keep hitting them with the dictionaries.

A blonde & a brunette jump from a tower.

The brunette lands first Because

The blonde got missed on the way.

The blonde’s favorite color is?


Why was a blonde snorting Sweet & Low?

She thought it was diet coke.

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